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Laser Abatement

  Laser cleaning works on the principles of laser ablation which is the process of removing organic material from metal or cement without eating away at the metal underneath. The dirt layer and any oxides underneath will absorb the energy and evaporate. The metal underneath will absorb the energy leaving a clean surface ready for welding or recoating.

  A shock wave is created by the laser beam, busting the material away from the surface.  Material is hit with a plasma causing it to evaporate or sublimate (turn from solid to gas). The particulates and gas are vacuumed up through a filter system. There is no mechanical, thermal or chemical strain on the base material. This reduces the waste created during clean up by 50% to 90%.



Laser Cleaning and Coating Removal

  We provide cleaning and coating removal solutions for all types of industries. Our solutions result in a  60-90% time reduction and produce minimal waste for disposal.  

Radiological Decontamination of Metal Components

  Laser abatement cleaning solutions can reduce dose, eliminate smearable contamination, and over 95% fixed contamination. 

Procedures and Training

  Laser Abatement Services can provide written procedures and Laser Safety training for sites that have their own equipment. Additionally we can help spec out the right laser for your particular applications. 

Sponge Jet 

  We offer traditional cleaning methods such as Sponge Jet and Hydrolasing services for applications suited for these methods.

Consulting and Customer Service

Develop and implement time saving strategies that increase safety, optimize processes, and reduce outage duration.

High Pressure Jetting

High pressure jetting is a powerful cleaning solution designed to clear foreign material and debris from piping systems.


Nuclear Decommissioning